Ministry Team

  • Thomas Cherian

    Vision, Preaching and Teaching

    A nurse by profession, but a missionary by calling, gave his heart to Jesus when he was 18 years old. He is the man behind the vision of Coram Deo Ministries, which was birthed out of a burden to make disciples according to Colossians 1:28. Whether wearing scrubs and attending his patients or behind the pulpit dividing the word, he believes in being a servant first. He is passionate about discipling people to treasure Jesus and making Him the treasure of all.

  • Werner Wilson (Prabhu)

    Creative Arts and Media

    Werner Wilson is a very candid follower of Christ. He has two master degrees in life sciences. From a very young age his desire to be involved in ministry was intense, as he saw his father and mother toil as pastors in a remote south Indian church. Wilson’s passion for Christ’s work and media related enthusiasm came together as he started creating and editing contents for YouTube channel called, straight answers and gospel, with his wife. His great enthusiasm for media work is well evident in the videos and pictures he creates with high quality, without any formal education or experience. He is so thrilled to be a part of Coram Deo ministry team and extremely hopeful of His Savior’s beautiful work in this ministry for years to come.

  • Elizabeth Freeman (Betsi)

    Worship Ministry 

    Betsi Freeman, originally from central Illinois, has sung and played in churches of many denominations and musical styles.  She can be seen in musical theater and opera productions and open mics around Los Angeles, and tours with the Roger Wagner Chorale, which recently returned from Japan and South Korea.  Betsi also teaches piano and voice lessons for My Color of Music studio, hosts co-working at Epiphany Space in Hollywood, and facilitates emotional healing groups. She has a heart to see people healed and restored for God’s glory.

  • Raichel Cherian

    Prayer and Mentoring

    Makes her home in Los Angeles with her husband Thomas and their 4 children who they homeschool. Raichel knows what it is to have her plate full. Wife of a church planter, homeschool mama and a seminary student herself, she is a perpetual learner of wanting what is given; not what is taken away. She is the woman behind all things Team Cherian. 

Our Story

God is not done with shaking and moving, yet! He who shook the upper room is still in the business of shaking and moving hearts to respond to the Gospel and be the multiplying stewards of it. Our's is such a story that began with a restlessness.